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The evolution of casual looking furniture that makes you feel like at home has been evolving in this current office trends. Research has also shown that more and more employees will spend more free time within the office and to take a moment to relax and having some social time with their colleagues.

All in one!

A new way to spend time at the office is be able to provide a comprehensive furniture range within the office area. Different ranges of furniture from chairs to tables and shelving support the way we work. Just one collection, complete your office outlook and design taste.

Total space and

Comprehensive is the way forward. Varies furniture selections to create the office look to achieve. A causal space and environment that also support Activities base work style. The furniture colours selections aim to make the whole selection cosy and comfortable.

Seamless assembly,
easy and fast

There is no need to engage professional installer to assemble the furniture. It can be easily assemble and also re-location. All assemble work can take place from a small area and eventually spread through the rest of the office space and area.

Pleasant and cosy office

Anyone can be a planner with DAYS OFFICE collection. There is no need to engage professional interior designer, just simply plan and install, simple and no frill.

Chairs that sit well
at home too

DAYS OFFICE chairs are designed in the way that is also suitable and compatible for home owners and users. The design can sit in seamlessly and prettily in any of the modern contemporary homes.

The experiential

In ‘Live Office’, Kokuyo Employees actually work in the DAYS OFFICE experience. It gives you the experience unlike the typical office furniture, thus it aims to improve the well being of the employees.

ABW Setting

1. Socialising & Rejuvenating

Spaces the blur between work and home create a comfortable environment,
invite people to relax and think outside the box

2. Solo / Focus Work

Some toggle between introverted and extroverted modes throughout the day.
Spaces allow people to escape, ponder and disconnect from the general spaces.

3. Collaboration

Spaces that allows dynamic teamwork and collaboration.
Very often this is the space where synergy and new ideas in borne.

4. Learning

Employee’s hunger for knowledge is essential. A space is needed for employees
to be self regulated where quench their thirst of knowledge.

REEDOM OF Expression

The all in one feature allows you to confiure to your preference office environment.

Creating your dream office by just choosing a wide range of furniture to built that kind of
office space and identity.

From the ground, choose they type of finishes, colour tones all the way to complete the look of a proper office is seamless and easy.

Planning of the office space can be determine by the space area within the office. Is flexible to choose the essential elements to include in the planning, shelving as a partition, cafe top for social space and sofa for collaboration.

If space is a luxury, there is always an option to include a pantry area within the space. Add in a sofa bank for sharing and presentation area to complete the look of the office.

Simply add in more elements to complete the wholesome look of the office space. DAYS OFFICE provide the complete solutions to continue to add in more elements if space allows.

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