Intersection 280

Manitto by KOKUYO

Not blocking, comfortably enclosing knit screen beautifully with magnets.

KOKUYO I Manitto

The cloth woven by one-piece knitting doesn’t look heavy and surrounds the space softly. The knit material allows the scenery to be seen through faintly, creating a spacious space with a sense of unity. The beautiful texture sets
a design not found in conventional offices.

Type Variations

Straight Type Screen W1200

Straight Type Screen W900

L-shape Type Screen


Gentle knit materials

A seamless and beautiful texture is implemented by using the one-piece knitting technology that is also used for sweaters. The space beyond the screen can be seen through the stitches, creating a spacious space with a sense of unity without completely blocking your eyes.

Easy connection with magnet

Intuitive simple connection by magnet is possible. With a simple move, anyone can easily remove it. Different heights and types can be connected as well.

Rotating legs that fit within a thin screen

Providing only a minimum number of legs for each layout allows you to clearly see the space under your feet. By rotating the legs, the screen can be stacked and stored compactly.

Material Selections

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