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All in one by KOKUYO

With “all-in-one” with large top board, meeting room is not necessary. 
The chair supports collaboration in natural and is suitable for TV conference and small group discussion, by seamlessly move the chairs around.

KOKUYO I All in one

Users can easily gather for a conference and disperse into
smaller breakout groups by just moving the chairs. With the flexibility,
users can face the front easily for TV conferences.

Type Variations

Back Seat Resin

Seat Cushion



Tablet comes with cup holder and it is movable. The width of the tablet is cater for A3 paper sideways.

Tablet dimensions: W600 x D325

The position of the note board is adjustable according to the indivisual’s physique and size.

Seat and note board can be rotated, for smooth enter and exit.

Side of the chair comes with hook for hanging of bag.

Material Selections


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