Intersection 270

The Chair that Supports your Work + Life

Slim, colourful and sleek with the design for comfort in mind, Any is designed for durabublity, comfort, and versatility. Designed and made in Japan. Any is a stylish stack-able chair that is suitable for all training, seminar, and  multi-purpose usages.

Urethane Seat Cushion

High grade polypropylene backrest to 
withstand tension and shock.


Stack the chairs away when not in use.
With a minimum gap in-between the 
stacking chairs.

Easy to Store Away

The chair is light-weight, is easy to move 
with your elbows and casters users can 
freely move and push the chair around 


Horizontal stack

By rasing the seating surface, horizontally, you can stack it.

(Stack pitch: 250mm)

Seat cushion structure

The thickness of the base layer with the deepest central part set with urethane overlap.

Material Selections

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