Intersection 265

Creating a place Be more free and positive with lightweight chair

Light to carry and easy to stack.
Quickly adapt to change in layout and number of people.

Type Variations

Nude Type

Seat Pad Attached Type


The lightest material for domestic metal

The lightest material for domestic metal 
Magnesium contains a specific weight of 1.7 and has the lightest weight among domestic metals. Typical metals have the specific weight of 2.7 for aluminum, 4.5 for titanium, 7.1 for zinc, and 7.9 for iron.

Better than iron or aluminum
Specific strength, specific durability
Specific strength ( strength/weight) and specific durability (durability/density) of magnesium is higher than iron, aluminium or resin material.

Removable seat pad

The seat pad is soft to sit on and the back side does not slip.

Easily stackable lightweight

The lightweight enable anyone to lift and move easily.

* For the seat pad type, please remove the seat pad before stacking.

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