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Workfit by KOKUYO

Freedom of movement, Freedom within the workplace. As more and more people are heading towards the open office space design, WORKFIT is designed with the new-generation working style in mind. Its open design style facilitates better communication between colleagues and co-workers, and allows for a quicker exchange of information amongst parties.

Prepare 01

Providing the space for light work and touch down spot before moving to the next action. 

Prepare 02

A simple high stools and desk for collaboration and quick discussion area.


This work style is made for social space. Ideal for gathering and a quick catch-up within the office.


This work style enable a close working relationship with another co-worker whenever you need it.

Focus 01

Semi-open seat to fit into the office. Individual table can be place together, place a panel in between for privacy and focusing.

Focus 02

This work style fit well for individual focusing and time away from the rest.


Fit for a quick gathering and discussion. Equipped with storage cabinets for better filing purposes.


Fit for open management. This table better facilitates the Manager’s daily work.

Type Variations

All-Side Table

Rectangle Meeting Table

L-Shaped Table

Single Side Table

Round Meeting Table

Half-Round Meeting Table

Trapezium Meeting Table

All-Side Table

Rectangle Meeting Table

L-Shaped Table

Single Side Table

Round Meeting Table

Half-Round Meeting Table

Trapezium Meeting Table

Fit to Your Style

Flexibility is another key point as well. As spaces are getting more compact, there becomes a need to have items that are both space saving, and have multiple usage. Ranging from workbenches to management and meeting tables, with different types of personalisable discussion areas, WORKFIT is able to cater to different needs any office space may need.


The worktop shelving system allows for different working style. It allows to place any accessories and stationery, and at the same time it will not obstruct the wires from the wire cable box.

Seamless wire management, that allows the wires run freely under the worktop shelving system.

The wire tray is situated in such a way that allows greater use of table surface, giving you more space to work in.

Add on acessories such as low partition can be place inbetween the table, it acts as a privacy also for displaying of items. The desktop shelving comes with socket output, so that you could charge your devices.

Add-on panels allows different usage, suitable for individual concentration and privacy. It comes with varies heights and selection of fabric upholstery. 


The middle leg can be set in further for more legs room as well as allows for more users.

The wiring cover comes with an option of for different opening. Be it from the edge or the middle of the cover tray. 

When the caster legs is put to lock position, the stopper contacts the floor firmly thus prevent even the slightest movement.

Material Selections


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