Intersection 209

Fabre Working Chair

Blending into a living room like space, Task chair that draws a smooth curve.

Type Variations

Plain Type

Stripe type

White Armrest

Black Armrest

Plain Type

Stripe type

White Armrest

Black Armrest


Seat Structure

(Mesh + Urethane) The impact when sitting can be switched to an elastic mesh and fixed at an angle, the mold urethane helps the figure stable.

Adjusting Locking

With the operation of the lever, the reaction changing over system and angle fixation are allowed. Standard reaction / Strong reaction / Fixation ( Initial position )

Auto adjust Locking

The strength of locking is automatically adjusted to the weight of a sitting person.

Seat Height Adjustment

The seat height can be adjust according to the desk height, body posture and work posture

Up down stroke : 90 mm

Material Selections


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