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Inspine by KOKUYO

We inspire INSPINE, the first lumbar support chair that uses wire. Designed by KOKUYO in-house designer, Kazutaka Oki, INSPINE heralds the launch of an industry first – wire lumbar support technology. 

Type Variations

Low Back Type

Fabric seat cushion

Leather seat cushion

Mid Back Type

Fabric seat Cushion

Leather seat Cushion

High Back (Headrest) Type

Fabric seat Cushion

Leather seat Cushion


The Wire Lumbar Support Technology

The adjusting of the lumbar support is based on a single dial knob.
By turning clockwise direction, the single coil wire will be pulled to give a strong support at the lower lumbar region.

The flexible armrest

Different angle of the armrest support different purposed during the movement of our posture and body while engaging in different technology and gadgets.

Material Selections

Furniture Options


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