Personal Information Protection Policy


Hidekuni Kuroda, President and CEO
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

KOKUYO’s personal information protection policy

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. and KOKUYO Group companies, (hereinafter referred to as “KOKUYO Group”) have set forth this “Personal Information Protection Policy” regarding the appropriate handling of information from which individuals that we deal with in business, such as customers, business partners, and relevant associates, can be identified (referred hereinafter as “personal information”). This is seen in the following policy, as we strive to ensure the protection of such information.

Acquisition of personal information

  • KOKUYO Group acquires personal information through legitimate and just means.
  • KOKUYO Group collects personal information which can identify a person whether directly or indirectly, and shall include but not limited to the followings:

1) Personal details of individuals (e.g. name, gender, date of birth, educational background, nationality, etc.);
2) Contact details of individuals (e.g. phone number, facsimile number, social media account, email address, address, etc.);
3) Information about the relationship of the individual with us (e.g. products or services used, channels used for interaction with us, customer status, etc.);
4) Market research, marketing and sales information (e.g. customer survey, information and opinions expressed during market research, etc.);
5) IP Address and Cookies from the access to our website (i.e.;
6) Other information provided to us in writing or electronically.

Use of personal information

  • The acquired personal information will be used or disclosed in accordance with the following purposes:

1) For our customer service development;
2) For our products development;
3) For sales promotion;
4) For the performance of an agreement made between the individual whose personal information is collected by KOKUYO Group;
5) For the compliance with the relevant statues, etc.

  • Use of personal information is limited to authorized personnel, who are responsible for ensuring its use remains within the intended purpose that was initially specified.
  • In the event that personal information is used collaboratively by KOKUYO Group, necessary items including the purpose of use, will be clarified as much as possible.

Disclosing and providing personal information to a third party

  • Personal information may be disclosed or provided to any part of KOKUYO Group or a third party in the following events:

1) In the event personal information is disclosed or provided in a format (e.g. survey data) from which no individual can be identified;
2) In the event personal information is disclosed or provided to a service consignee within the range that is necessary for performing the service;
3) In the event of business succession due to reasons including merger, corporate division and business transfer;
4) In the event where KOKUYO Group is required to provide personal data under the law or an agreement, or there is a necessity to provide personal data in order to enter into an agreement wherein, if such information is not provided, KOKUYO Group may not be able to enter into such an agreement, subject to default or incur any loss or damage in any way;
5) In the event that the disclosure of personal information is requested by relevant statutes, etc.

  • In the event that personal information is disclosed or provided to a third party, KOKUYO Group will take action to prevent such third party from unlawful or unauthorized use or disclosure of the personal information.

Management of personal information

  • Appropriate safety measures are implemented to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as loss, falsification, and leakage, etc. of personal information.
  • In the event of consigning processing of personal information, necessary measures such as entering an appropriate agreement, including items on safety management shall be taken with the consignee.
  • The period of retention of personal information will be 26 months.
  • KOKUYO Group sets forth provisions relating to the handling of personal information, adheres to them, and continuously strives to improve them.

Exercise of rights by the individuals

  • The individuals whose personal data is collected by us shall have the following rights:

1) to withdrawn the consent given at any period;
2) to access and obtain a copy of his or her personal information collected by KOKUYO Group including right to know the source of personal information obtained without his or her consent;
3) to obtain personal information related to himself or herself from KOKUYO Group;
4) to object the collection, usage, or disclosure of his or her personal information under certain circumstances;
5) to request for his or her personal information be erased, destroyed or made unidentifiable under certain circumstances;
6) to restrict the use of his or her personal information under certain circumstances;
7) to request the collection of an inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, or misleading information.
8) to lodge a complaint in the case of violation of the relevant personal information protection law or regulations.

Disclosure, revision and termination of use of personal information

  • In the event of a request for disclosure, revision or termination of use of personal information by the relevant individual, KOKUYO Group shall comply with the request after verifying the authenticity of the individual.

Please direct any inquiries concerning personal information to “KOKUYO Customer Service Center.”

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Legal compliance, etc.

  • KOKUYO Group shall comply with regulations related to the handling of personal information and other laws, and continuously review and improve the content of this Personal Information Protection Policy.