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Work Space

25 Products

Work Space

25 Products

SAIBI implies beauty in both style and detail.

ZANTE workstation combines unparalleled design sophistication and quality materials.

“Arched” table legs, forming a close-knit between people and their work.

Japanese’s quality standard desk perceptively designed with wiring and storage.

ANYTOP table has the ability to elevate the height of the table top.

Designed with precision. Say goodbye to neck and eye strains with the new UPTIS desk.

Management Series 370 by KOKUYO

Exclusive chair for exclusive high-flyer.

Comes with an intelligent armrest that has everything you ever ask for within your grasp.


Equipped with a gliding mechanism which freely moves 360 degrees.

Bezel gives a well rounded support from your waist down to your thighs.

Comes with an intelligent armrest that has everything you ever ask for within your grasp.

Blending into a living room like space, Task chair that draws a smooth curve.

The prominent feature of Duora is the curvature of its backrest.

Equipped with a dual motion mechanism that combines two movements.

Mitra is the chair that comes with full specifications but is easy to use.

Scirocco is designed for everyday use that provides the ultimate comfort.

The prominent aspect of the chair is the Air-controlled lumbar support.

Inspired by natural fresh leaves. Enjoy the tranquil and comfort that the nature gifted.

ENTRY fulfils the requirements to be considered ergonomics.

Cello is also an assured quality chair that matches your daily use.

Its simplicity can be seen from its clamp shell design back rest and seat base.

The ultimate utility of space management with the useful storage space at beneath

Function which utilize the style and perspective of workers and beautifully support body and mind.

The product relevant to the standard of JIS Japanese examination with durability and stability.