Intersection 206

Bezel Working Chair

Bezel comes with the option of having the headrest. It latest lumbar support is one of the kind in the industry. Comes with a knob, simply turn the knob to adjust the level of back support, seamlessly and easily. And also with the new seat cushion, it gives a well rounded support from your waist down to your thighs.

Type Variations

With Headrest Type

High back in Black frame with Adjustable armres

High back in White frame with Fixed armrest

Without Headrest Type

Mid Back with Adjustable armrest

Mid Back with Fixed armrest

Without Armrest Type

Mid Back without Armrest

Mid Back without Armrest


The Lumbar Support Technology

The lumbar support comes with one of the kinds knob adjusters. By just turning the knob clockwise, the lumbar belt will be tightened to give a better support at the lower region of the lumbar thus it improves your sitting posture. Losing the tenshion by turning the knob anti-clockwise.

Material Selections


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