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Scirocco by KOKUYO

Scirocco is designed for everyday use that provides the ultimate comfort, support and flexibilities.Designed and made in Japan, our vast experience in creating the most comfortable office chair.

Type Variations

Low Back Type

Low Back with lumbar support

Low Back without lumbar support

Low Back without armrest and lumbar support

Mid Back Type

Mid Back with Lumbar Support

Mid Back without Lumbar Support

Mid Back without Armrest and Lumbar Support


Advanced seat cushion technology

The seat cushion is designed to hold and support the pelvis area.

The lumbar support

The lumbar support comes with one of the kinds knob adjusters.

Clean tech coating technology

A new clean tech coating technology is applied on the base. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Better support, better posture

A better full back support and the way our body move while working.

Material Selections


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