Intersection 182

For All Physiques and Working Postures

AGATA/A provides firm and comfortable support for all working postures. This highly refined design is crammed with unique functions and extraordinary to create a quality working expirience.


AGATA is an exclusive chair for exclusive high-flyer able to support a firm yet comfortable
support for all postures. With its sophisticated design and high-quality finishing,
it adds a touch of style and class to any management space.

Type Variations

Backrest with Headrest 

Backrest with headrest  in leather finish

Standard Backrest

Standard backrest  with fabric finish

Standard backrest  with leather finish


Exclusive Design

The aluminum back frame provide a sturdy support and not just
a design element. The frame acted as a overall body support that improve the sitting posture indirectly and support all body’s weight.

Support all postures

The chair has a simple design that offers enhanced flair and functionality, such as control levers located at a single position.

Advanced Seat Cushion

The seat cushion is designed to hold and support the pelvis area. You feel the thighs are comfortably wrap-up. This provides the movement support and how the user moves their body seamlessly while supporting your body weight for long hours of sitting.

Material Selections


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