Intersection 259@2x

Philosophy Working Chair

Comes with an intelligent armrest that has everything you ever ask for within your grasp. Pack with the Air lumbar support technology, 

PHILOSOPHY is designed to rule the world.

Type Variations

Backrest With Headrest

Leather finish with Headrest

Fabric finish with Headrest


Standard Backrest

Standard Backrest  with Leather Finish

Standard Backrest  with Fabric Finish



All rounded armrest support

Conveniently located at the armrest. All mechanisms and functions are located at the armrest for full control.

Ultimate lumbar support

The hidden lumbar support is located at the lower lumbar area. This allows the user to pump air into the hidden lumbar bar to provides the support that is needed.

Tension lever

The locking strength can be adjusted with the locking adjustment grip on the rear right side of the seat. The wide setting range provides a comfortable sitting.


Material Selections

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