The durable Japanese school desk set

The product relevant to the standard of JIS Japanese examination with durability and stability.

Type Variations

Set No.1
Desk : (H540-H740) Chair : (H300-H440)

Set No.7
Desk : (H450-H570) Chair : (H240-H320)


Desk & chair height adjustable


50˚ liftable top board     Pen tray

Material Details

Integrated rubber wood

According to the natural wood with light color and melamine coating, the durability of product is combined with the exquisite producing method. A materials is brought from nature so that relevant to the education of global environment.
(Topboard : Rubber wood, melamine coating, with pen tray)

Good performance with stain protection

Steel leg

  1. Space for 2 notebooks and pencil case
  2. 1 plate of steel pressed as shape with round designed corner for security issue.
  3. Stopper in front of the shelf for inner slippery protection.

Mold plywood

Double curve mold plywood allow comfortably sit
with durable performance
(Seat and backrest : Mold plywood / Leg : Steel with coating)


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