The supreme compact desk

The ultimate utility of space management with the useful storage space at beneath step. Compact storage function able to build office atmosphere more sharp and casual. with 40 kg. storable weight support. According to open shelf, users able to take out or insert the documents easily.

The excellent under shelf which support weight balance and the ability of storage

With compact size of desk and the utmost storage space under top board

2 types of variation that suit the needs of users

Desk variation is available for 2 types. 

H720 is for concentration while sitting.
H900 is for sit-stand working style.

Represent model of small office

W900, W1000 and W1200 is offered for area where space is limited.
Well created workspace and matched the trend of lifestyle.

Splattered droplet protection

Able to set up acrylic panel (front and side) in order to protect the spread of droplet.

Type Variations

H900 type

H720 type


Drawer with key. Able to keep important documents and valuable objects safely.

Group 72722

Open shelf. Documents or notebook can be stored.

Bag hook. Able to hang individual bag under the topboard.

Extended cover. Space expansion on wiring cover

Footrest cover


Material Selections


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