Intersection 167

Keep your mind upward with a body-friendly posture

Designed with precision. Say goodbye to neck and eye strains with the new UPTIS desk. An adjustable work desk designed to align with your ideal posture while you work.

Type Variations

With Side Basket

With Side Tray


Top Plate Edge

The rounded supraorbital edge to lay hands on perfectly. Paper materials and stationery are hard to fall when the top plate is tilted.

Basket / Tray

The basket type is for those who go around in office frequently, and the tray type for those who want to spread the documents are recommended.

Desk Mat

Desk mat that PC and mouse are not slippery. If you place it verstically, you can use it comfortably.


The wiring cover can be removed for smooth access to the power supply. The OA tap can be stored in the wiring tray or placed on the wiring cover according to the frequency of use.

Top Plate Mechanism

We set the margin under the top plate for easy operation. With a damper to soften the slam when levelling the top plate.


The design that supports the active work and adjust with the office space. The stylish form of the legs gives the space casual impression.

Utility Tray

OA taps, smartphones, tool pouches, etc. can be placed, supporting effective use of the top plate space and usability.

Desktop Panel

A frameless and simple design are the main charactheristics. You can also attach the magnet.

Material Selections


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